AffyXell Therapeutics

Jong Sang Ryu, Ph.D., CEO and Chief Security Officer

April 12 | 10:45am | Dark Horse Consulting Ballroom 

Gimhae, South Korea


AffyXell Therapeutics is a joint venture between Daewoong Pharmaceutical and Avacta Group, developing a novel cell and gene therapy to tackle diseases that come from the imbalance of immune system homeostasis. AffyXell’s platform (also known as AFX) was created by converging two proprietary technologies of its parent companies – Daewoong’s mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) and Avacta’s Affimer® platform. The immunomodulation function by MSC is further increased with the Affimer®, and the treatment developed by the AFX platform enhances restoring immunologic balance. AffyXell is developing pipelines taking this new therapeutic approach to lead in resolving fundamental causes of intractable diseases like immune rejection and autoimmune diseases.

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