Arbor Biotechnologies

Devyn Smith, Ph.D., CEO 

April 9 | 2:00pm | Salone dei Cavalieri, Section 2

Cambridge, MA 


Arbor Biotechnologies is a next-generation gene editing company focused on discovering and developing potentially curative genomic medicines, with the most extensive toolbox of proprietary genomic editors in the industry to date. Founded by Feng Zhang, David Walt, David Scott, and Winston Yan, Arbor’s proprietary discovery engine is focused on discovering and evolving technologies that enable gene knockout, RT editing, precise excisions and large insertions into endogenous loci. Leveraging our wholly owned nucleases as the chassis for genetic modification, Arbor has the unique ability to work backward from disease pathology to choose the optimal editors or combination of editors for the disease in question, with a focus on areas of high unmet need. As Arbor continues to advance its pipeline toward the clinic with an initial focus in liver and CNS disease, the Company has also secured several partnerships around gene editing and ex vivo cell therapy programs to broaden the reach of its novel nuclease technology.

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