Arthur Lahr, CEO
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
(Euronext Amsterdam: KDS)
Kiadis’ NK-cell programs consist of off-the-shelf and haplo donor cell-based medicines to treat liquid and solid tumors as adjunctive and stand-alone therapies and infectious diseases. The company’s NK-cell PM21 particle technology enables improved ex vivo expansion and activation of anti-cancer cytotoxic NK-cells supporting multiple high-dose infusions. Kiadis’ proprietary off-the-shelf NK-cell platform uses NK-cells from unique universal donors. NK-cell based products can be produced rapidly and economically for a broad patient population across a potentially wide range of indications. Kiadis is clinically developing K-NK003 for the treatment of relapse/refractory acute myeloid leukemia. The company is also developing K-NK002, which is administered as an adjunctive immunotherapeutic on top of HSCT and provides functional, mature, and potent NK-cells from a haploidentical family member. Furthermore, Kiadis is developing K-NK-ID101 for the treatment of Covid-19. In addition, the company has preclinical programs evaluating NK-cell based medicines for the treatment of solid tumors and infectious diseases.

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