Anil Narasimha, Ph.D., CEO

April 11 | 9:30am | Salone dei Cavalieri, Section 2

Alameda, California


Mekonos is a CGT platform company building the future of cell therapies on a chip. Our technology enables the ex vivo delivery of any molecular cargo to any cell, supporting cell and gene therapy programs from the R&D stage through clinical and commercial manufacturing. Mekonos’ uses silicon nanoneedles to enable high efficiency cargo delivery into the most fragile cells, including primary immune cells, iPSCs and HSCs. Our unique chip architecture aligns single nanoneedles to individually trapped cells (“one needle, one cell”), ensuring that each cell receives the same amount of cargo and resulting in a highly homogenous population of modified cells.  This novel approach enables single cell precision at scale and unlocks cell therapy applications which are unachievable with conventional delivery technologies, like electroporation and viral vectors. We address the key challenges in cell and gene therapy – targeted delivery, cell survival and dose regulation (which translates to clinical safety).

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