Oxford Biomedica

Thiru Thangarajah, Business Development, Commercial Manufacturing

April 13 | 1:45pm | BioCentriq Ballroom 

Oxford, United Kingdom


Oxford Biomedica is an innovative leading viral vector specialist focused on delivering life changing therapies to patients. Oxford Biomedica works across key viral vector delivery systems including those based on lentivirus, adeno-associated virus (AAV) and adenovirus, providing innovative solutions to cell and gene therapy biotechnology and biopharma companies for their process development, analytical development and manufacturing needs. We are driving the industrialization of viral vectors. We aim to bring down the cost per dose through IP innovation, opening up therapeutic markets currently inaccessible to cell and gene therapy due to the amount (and therefore costs) of the vector required. In addition, the reduction in cost will help drive adoption by payors into indications where there are far larger numbers of patients, by bringing down the overall cost per patient treated.



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