Peter Biotherapeutics

Dirk Hondmann, Ph.D., CEO

April 12 | 4:15pm | Dark Horse Consulting Ballroom 

Boston, MA


PeterBio has unique expertise in developing Zinc Finger (ZF) arrays and effector domains for gene editing and gene repression. ZF constructs are small and avoid immune reactions, offering important therapeutic benefits, including repeat dosing when used in combination with a non-viral delivery system. PeterBio has developed two technology platforms: RITDM: an effective and versatile cleavage-free gene editing technology, and T-LOCK: an effective gene repression technology able to target any gene at the transcription level. Our unique benefits, especially for in-vivo applications that are difficult to replicate by existing state-of-the art technologies include: a strong safety profile; ability for repeat dosing; multiple non-viral delivery options; and small size.

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