Prescient Therapeutics

Steven Yatomi-Clarke, CEO

April 12 | 11:15am | BioCentriq Ballroom 

Melbourne, Australia


Prescient has two cell therapy platforms. OmniCAR is a modular, universal immune receptor platform decoupling immune cells from antigen binders. OmniCAR is based on technology licensed from Penn and Oxford. Antigen binders can be administered separately to cells, creating controllable cytotoxicity post infusion. OmniCAR enables multiple antigens to be targeted simultaneously or sequentially, with a single cell product. CellPryme-M is a 24-hour, non-disruptive process during cell manufacturing. It shifts T and NK cells towards a central memory phenotype, improving persistence, and increasing the ability to find and penetrate tumors. CellPryme-A is an adjuvant therapy designed to be administered to patients alongside cellular immunotherapy to help them overcome suppressive TME. It significantly decreases Tregs; increases expansion of CAR-T cells in vivo; and increases tumor penetration of CAR-T cells. CellPryme-A improves tumor killing and host survival of CAR-T cell therapies, and these benefits are even greater when used in conjunction with CellPryme-M.

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