Resolution Therapeutics

Edward Hodgkin, Ph.D., CEO

April 12 | 11:30am | Dark Horse Consulting Ballroom 

London, United Kingdom


Resolution Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing macrophage cell therapy to treat inflammatory organ disease. Our initial focus is chronic liver disease, the only chronic disease still on the rise in western countries, affecting millions of people worldwide. For patients with end-stage liver disease (cirrhosis), the only therapeutic option is liver transplantation, a complex surgical procedure limited by complications and a shortage of donors. The company’s lead product is an autologous engineered macrophage therapy designed to treat cirrhotic patients. The company was founded in 2020 based on over a decade’s research in macrophage and liver disease by Prof. Stuart Forbes and Prof. John Campbell. Today, Resolution is a leader in developing and manufacturing macrophage cell therapy with potential applications in a wide range of life-threatening conditions. The company, backed by Syncona, has raised over $50 million to advance the lead product into clinical trials.

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