Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (TCAT)

Neil McGowan, Ph.D., Associate Director, TCAT GMP

April 13 | 4:30pm | Dark Horse Consulting Ballroom 

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Tissues, Cells and Advanced Therapeutics (TCAT) at the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service is an established developer and manufacturer of cell therapy products. From two GMP manufacturing facilities, SNBTS have 20 years’ experience delivering autologous and allogeneic products for FIH, Phase 1 & 2 trials, and manufacture of Master Cell Banks of hESC and iPSC lines. As an NHS establishment, TCAT is uniquely positioned to support academic and other early-stage developers in the translation of their ‘proof of concept’ stage products into GMP-compatible processes, and to manufacture these products for early-stage clinical trials. TCAT has proven expertise working with somatic cells, pluripotent stem cells and their derivatives, and genetically modified cell therapies. SNBTS TCAT has extensive in-house QC capacity, specifically developed for ATMPs, including endotoxin and sterility, cell identify and function, and stability studies. These QC services are offered as part of a CDMO package or as stand-alone services.

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