Robert Deans, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer
Redwood City, CA
Synthego is a genome engineering company that enables the acceleration of life science research and development in cell and gene therapy in the ultimate pursuit of improved human health. The company leverages machine learning, automation, and gene editing to build platforms for science at scale. With its foundations in engineering disciplines, the company’s full-stack platform vertically integrates proprietary hardware, software, bioinformatics, chemistries, and molecular biology to advance both basic research and therapeutic development programs. The company’s new approach to tackling the complexity of biology introduces engineering rigor to biological research with transformative effectiveness and agility to accommodate the growing technology space. By providing both commercial and academic researchers and therapeutic developers with unprecedented access to cutting-edge products and services that leverage the power of genome engineering, Synthego is at the forefront of innovation, accelerating the development of truly engineered biology.

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