TreeFrog Therapeutics

Frederic Desdouits, Ph.D., CEO

April 12 | 4:30pm | Dark Horse Consulting Ballroom 

Bordeaux, France


TreeFrog Therapeutics is one of the rare cell therapy biotechs that leverages biophysics to overcome critical bottlenecks of the industry, introducing new standards in terms of scalability, cell quality, transplantation efficiency, and safety/functionality of cell therapy products. Headquartered in France, with offices and labs in the U.S. and Japan, TreeFrog is advancing a pipeline of therapeutic candidates in regenerative medicine and immuno-oncology based on a disruptive cell culture platform, C-Stem™. Founded to make cell therapies accessible to large patient populations, the company is developing an iPS-derived cell therapy in Parkinson’s disease with a best-in-class profile (Phase I in 2025), building therapeutic partnerships in NK cell therapies (including Umoja Biopharma), and aims at closing comprehensive platform deals with industry leaders within the next two years.

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