Mark Farmery, Ph.D., Chief Development Officer 

April 10 | 2:15pm | Salone dei Cavalieri, Section 2

Stockholm, Sweden 


Anocca is a rapidly growing Swedish biotechnology company dedicated to decoding the complexity of the human immune system to recode powerful T cell immunotherapies (TCR-T). Our cell-based Discovery Engine pushes the frontiers of T-cell biology to expand the scope and scale of TCR-T delivering libraries of medicines that can have a significant impact on patients with cancer. To date, Anocca has generated more than 40 preclinical TCR-T assets against high value cancer targets. Our cell engineering, molecular and genetic tools, automation, and software technologies analyze the complex interactions between real immune cells to identify biologically relevant disease targets and safe, potent TCR-Ts at an industrial scale (the platform can also be leveraged for vaccine design and autoimmune research). A first clinical trial of several KRAS TCR-Ts for hard-to-treat solid tumor cancers and manufactured in-house will begin in 2024.

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