Brian McGee, Chief Business Officer

April 13 | 11:30am | Dark Horse Consulting Ballroom 

Södertälje, Sweden


Anocca uses precision functional analytical biology, industrialized biotechnologies, and advanced software solutions to develop transformative TCR-T cell immunotherapies to treat cancer and other serious diseases. The company has pioneered a scalable proprietary technology platform that authentically, robustly, and precisely recreates T cell immunity. Anocca’s platform enables a deep understanding of disease specific T cell biology and delivers highly targeted cell-based therapies. Anocca has a fully integrated R&D infrastructure that is complemented by an in-house clinical manufacturing and process development facility. Anocca has focused efforts on generating a broad library of high value assets across distinct oncology franchises. The most advanced programs, expected to enter clinical development in 2024, are targeting solid tumors expressing the KRAS-family of driver mutations. Anocca is led by an experienced management team and has raised over 100 million USD from a small, committed group of leading Nordic investors.

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