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The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM) is an international multi-stakeholder advocacy organization that promotes legislative, regulatory and reimbursement initiatives necessary to facilitate access to life-giving advances in regenerative medicine worldwide. ARM also works to increase public understanding of the field and its potential to transform human healthcare, providing business development and investor outreach services to support the growth of its member companies and research organizations. Prior to the formation of ARM in 2009, there was no advocacy organization operating in Washington, D.C. to specifically represent the interests of the companies, research institutions, investors and patient groups that comprise the entire regenerative medicine community. Today, ARM has more than 300 members and is the leading global advocacy organization in this field. www.alliancerm.org

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EBD Group’s overriding mission is to help collaborations get started across the life science value chain. Our range of partnering conferences has grown to become the largest and most productive conference platform in the industry. Each one of our seven landmark events held in key life science markets around the world is powered by our state-of-the-art partnering software, partneringONE, that enables delegates to efficiently identify and engage with new opportunities via one-to-one meetings. Today our events (BIO-Europe, BIO-Europe Spring, BioPharm America, Biotech Showcase, ChinaBio Partnering Forum, Cell & Gene Exchange, and BioEquity Europe) annually attract more than 12,000 senior life science executives who engage in over 43,000 one-to-one partnering meetings. These vital one-to-one engagements are the wellspring of deals that drive innovation in our industry. www.ebdgroup.com

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Lonza is one of the world’s leading and most-trusted suppliers to the pharmaceutical, biotech and specialty ingredients markets. We harness science and technology to create products that support safer and healthier living and that enhance the overall quality of life. The company is organized into two market-focused segments: Pharma and Biotech and Specialty Ingredients. The core competencies that span these segments are advanced manufacturing and quality-control systems, superior regulatory expertise, in-depth market knowledge and extensive technical customer-support and research and development capabilities. www.lonza.com

Terumo BCT, a global leader in blood component, therapeutic apheresis and cellular technologies, believes in the potential of blood and cells to do even more for patients than they do today. Terumo BCT’s Cell Therapy Technologies business enables researchers, developers and manufacturers to create next-generation cell and gene therapies. We do this through flexible, automated solutions that help meet your evolving needs for reproducibility, quality and scale through the phases of development, from translational research to current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) for commercial manufacturing. One example, the Quantum® Cell Expansion System automates and optimizes cell culture to meet the needs of a variety of cell types in a consistent, controlled and functionally closed environment. We are also looking further downstream in the process to provide innovative solutions, like the FINIA® Fill and Finish System, to support your needs into the future. www.terumobct.com

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The Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult was established as an independent centre of excellence to advance the growth of the UK cell and gene therapy industry, by bridging the gap between scientific research and full-scale commercialisation. With more than 180 experts focusing on cell and gene therapy technologies, it works with partners in academia and industry to ensure these life-changing therapies can be developed for use in health services throughout the world. It offers leading-edge capability, technology and innovation to enable companies to take products into clinical trials and provide clinical, process development, manufacturing, regulatory, health economics and market access expertise. Its aim is to make the UK the most compelling and logical choice for UK and international partners to develop and commercialise these advanced therapies. The Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult works with Innovate UK. ct.catapult.org.uk | www.gov.uk/innovate-uk

IQVIA (NYSE: IQV) is a leading global provider of information, innovative technology solutions, and contract research services dedicated to using analytics and science to help healthcare stakeholders find better solutions for their patients. Solutions are powered by the IQVIA CORE™, our proprietary purpose-built asset which combines big data, advanced technology, analytics, and extensive industry knowledge. Formed through the merger of IMS Health and Quintiles, IQVIA has approximately 58,000 employees worldwide. www.iqvia.com

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Atara Biotherapeutics, Inc. (@Atarabio) is a leading off-the-shelf, allogeneic T-cell immunotherapy company developing novel treatments for patients with cancer, autoimmune, and viral diseases. Atara’s technology platform leverages research collaborations with leading academic institutions with the company’s scientific, clinical, regulatory, and manufacturing expertise. Atara’s pipeline includes tab-cel® (tabelecleucel), which is in Phase III development for patients with Epstein-Barr virus-associated post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder (EBV+ PTLD) as well as other EBV-associated hematologic malignancies and solid tumors, including nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC); T-cell immunotherapies targeting EBV antigens believed to be important for the potential treatment of multiple sclerosis; and next-generation chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR T) immunotherapies for cancer as well as targets in other therapeutic areas. The company was founded in 2012 and is co-located in South San Francisco and Southern California. Our Southern California hub is anchored by the state-of-the-art Atara T-Cell Operations and Manufacturing (ATOM) facility in Thousand Oaks, California. www.atarabio.com

Bio-Techne unites some of life sciences’ most distinguished brands including R&D Systems®, Novus Biologicals®, Tocris Bioscience ®, ProteinSimple® and ACD®. Together they deliver a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality products and technologies tailored to cell therapy development and GMP compliant manufacturing. GMP-grade products: GMP compliant proteins, small molecules, and antibodies suitable for use as ancillary materials in cell therapy manufacturing. CloudzTM T Cell Activation Kit – Technology designed to improve cell activation and selection. Protein analysis platforms – ProteinSimple automated instruments for Simple PlexTM assays, Simple WesternTM assays, Single-Cell Westerns, next generation analytical and iCETM platforms. ELISAs and Luminex® assays – Our Quantikine® and DuoSet® ELISA kits are the gold standard. We are experts in bead-based multiplex assays and provide various high-performance Luminex assays. Custom Development Services – Our custom manufacturing services include GMP-grade proteins and complex media developed to meet your needs. Our scientists work to develop, express, and purify some of the most challenging custom proteins with the highest bioactivities in the market. www.bio-techne.com

Cryoport is the premier provider of temperature controlled logistics solutions to the life sciences industry through our purpose-built proprietary packaging, information technology and specialized logistics expertise. We provide leading-edge temperature controlled logistics solutions for biologic materials such as immunotherapies, stem cells, CAR-T cells and reproductive cells for clients worldwide including points-of-care, CROs, central laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, contract manufacturers and university researchers. Cryoport’s unparalleled information technology centers around our proprietary Cryoportal® Logistics Management Platform, which facilitates management of the entire shipment process. Our state-of-the-art technology also includes our innovative Smartpak II™ Condition Monitoring System, which provides visibility of the location and the key aspects of critical shipments. The Smartpak II™ works in conjunction with our Cryoportal® to provide real-time information reporting about shipments, integrated condition monitoring, logistics and shipper qualification performance in a single data steam. Cryoport also has a dedicated 24/7/365 customer service team to proactively monitor each shipment, allowing for invention when necessary. www.cryoport.com

CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services is a global, privately held, full-service contract research organization (CRO), delivering a complete spectrum of clinical trial and consulting services throughout the lifecycle of development, from concept to commercialization. CTI’s focused therapeutic approach provides pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device firms with clinical and disease area expertise in rare diseases, regenerative medicine/gene therapy, immunology, transplantation, nephrology, hematology/oncology, neurology, infectious diseases, hepatology, cardiopulmonary and pediatric populations. CTI also offers a fully integrated multi-specialty clinical research site that conducts Phase I-IV trials. CTI has a passion for helping life-changing therapies succeed in chronically and critically ill patient populations. With clinical trial experience across six continents, CTI partners with research sites, patients and sponsors to fulfill unmet medical needs. CTI is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, with operations across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. www.ctifacts.com

Established in 1984, MAK-SYSTEM designs, develops, and delivers globally best-of-breed software to orchestrate cell and gene therapy. Our T.C.S. software provides unrivaled functionality, scalability, and technology to support all treatments across the complete supply chain thanks to the configurability of our software. www.mak-system.com

Medpace is a global full-service clinical research organization (CRO) providing comprehensive development services for drug, biologic and device programs with a specialized focus on advanced therapies including cell and gene therapies. Medpace has strong experience supporting development programs for regenerative medicine products across a number of therapeutic areas including cardiovascular, neuroscience, musculoskeletal and diabetes. With extensive medical expertise, a renowned regulatory affairs department, across six continents, Medpace conducts studies and navigates regulatory requirements worldwide. From feasibility, research site compatibility, safety and logistics, Medpace brings efficiencies and operational excellence to regenerative medicine development programs. In addition, Medpace offers integrated imaging and lab capabilities through its family of companies to provide cohesive, streamlined and standardized trial management. Learn more about Medpace’s focus on cellular, tissue and gene therapy medicines at www.medpace.com.

MolMed S.p.A. is an Italian biotechnology cell and gene company, focused on research, development, manufacturing and clinical validation of innovative therapies in oncology and rare diseases. MolMed built an original dual business model, based on research and development of proprietary products, and third party GMP services. MolMed is currently the developer and manufacturer for worldwide leaders in the field of gene therapy for rare diseases and allogenic CAR-T therapies supporting their clinical trials and commercial supply. MolMed, founded in 1996 as an academic spin-off of the San Raffaele Scientific Institute, is listed on the main market (MTA) of the Milan stock exchange and has been managed by Borsa Italiana since March 2008. MolMed is headquartered and based in Milan, at the San Raffaele Biotechnology Department and has an operating unit at OpenZone in Bresso. www.molmed.com

Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutics Solutions, LLC (HCATS), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd. (Hitachi Chemical) representing Hitachi Chemical’s Regenerative Medicine Business Sector in the United States. For the last 20 years, HCATS has exclusively focused on the cell therapy industry to provide contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) services at current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) standards, including clinical manufacturing, commercial manufacturing, and manufacturing development. www.pctcelltherapy.com

World Courier provides unparalleled specialty logistics services to drive the commercial success of our partners around the globe. For 50 years, we’ve delivered peace of mind through world-class supply chain programs, transportation services, storage of time- and temperature-sensitive products, and innovative, cutting-edge medicines including cell and gene therapies. Through our daily work – and powered by our 2,500 associates – we are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures. With a presence in 50+ countries, World Courier is driven by a commitment to excellence, and provides customized solutions with global reach to increase access to care; making us the most trusted specialty logistics company in the world. www.worldcourier.com

Yposkesi is one of the largest Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMO) in Europe for AAV and lentiviral vector production. A spin-off from the world-class gene therapy pioneer Genethon, Yposkesi capitalizes on more than 20 years of expertise in biotherapeutic research to offer customers full integrated services; bioprocess development (USP and DSP), from small/pilot to large production scale, analytical development, GMP manufacturing of clinical batches of lentiviral and AAV vectors, and regulatory support. Its current 50,000 sq. ft. (approx. 5,000 m2) state-of-the-art facility designed for high efficiency houses four independent manufacturing suites for bulk drug substance and two fill and finish suites. Yposkesi is extending this capacity. By 2021, it will double its global footprint to 100,000 sq. ft. (approx. 10,000 m2) with a second large-scale facility designed for commercial production and EMA and FDA compliance. Yposkesi invests significantly in innovation and bioprocessing to deliver on high quality projects, cost-effectively. www.yposkesi.com

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BIA Separations is the leading developer of production processes and manufacturer of CIM® (Convective Interaction Media) monolithic chromatography columns for production, purification, and analytics of large biomolecules and viral particles. Our highly skilled team has more than two decades of accumulated knowledge in downstream processing and HPLC analytics of viral particles and other large structure products. CIM® monolithic columns stand for elaborate design providing high efficiency, high speed, and high yield in downstream processing of viruses, virus vectors, VLPs, phages, exosomes, pDNA, RNA and large proteins. Our mission is to develop and produce CIM® monolithic columns of the highest quality, and to provide superior method development services for purification and HPLC analytics of large biopharmaceuticals. www.biaseparations.com

CellGenix is a leading global supplier of high-quality reagents and tools for cell and gene therapy and regenerative medicine applications. As the first company to obtain a GMP manufacturing authorization for cell processing in Europe, we have more than 25 years of expertise in GMP manufacturing and development of cell therapy products. We offer a comprehensive product portfolio in combination with expert regulatory and technical support to ensure a seamless transition from research to commercialization. Our products combine a maximum of quality and safety due to the state-of-the-art production, stringent in-house quality control and comprehensive documentation. https://cellgenix.com

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in New York, Chardan is an independent, global investment bank focused on addressing the capital markets needs of public and private genetic medicines companies. Chardan focuses on companies that offer superior investment return prospects, based on the potential to create real value for society. In following vector gene therapy, small RNA therapy, and gene editing companies, Chardan covers more genetic medicines names than any other bank globally. Chardan is known for its market impact, communicating on fundamental sector value drivers (e.g. via the predictive Chardan Gene Therapy Framework), and has successfully raised more than $2.75 billion for public and private genetic medicines companies since 2015. www.chardan.com | info@chardan.com | 646-465-9018

Cobra is a leading international contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) supporting the global cell and gene therapy industry in the development and manufacture of DNA and viral vectors from proof of concept through to clinical trials. We provide a comprehensive service offering, with multi-functional and experienced project teams nurturing customers’ products from preclinical through to clinical GMP manufacture. For cell and gene therapy products we are able to produce DNA (HQ and GMP) and viral vectors (Adenovirus, AAV and Lentiviral vectors). Cobra has also embarked on a £15M operations expansion to fast track our customers’ portfolios through to in-market supply. Check out our updated video on the current expansion. www.cobrabio.com

Invitrx Therapeutics is a leader in birth tissue research and pioneer in the field of regenerative stem cell therapies. Invitrx was established through wound healing funding in 2003 by CEO, Habib Torfi. In this time, Invitrx has grown as an innovator of stem cell products and is developing therapies from amniotic stem cells, cord blood stem cells, placental stem cells, and Wharton’s jelly stem cells. Our pursuit for innovation has led to a new $7 million facility being opened in Lake Forest, CA in July of 2018. This facility includes three clean rooms, a flow cytometry core, and ultracentrifuges. These resources will push for exosomal research. Publishing in renowned journals has illuminated the age of exosomes and these minuscule molecules have the potential to attenuate diseases and possibly improve the quality of life for millions of people. Invitrx hopes to alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis and eliminate opioid dependency. www.invitrx.com

Precision BioSciences is a privately held biotechnology company dedicated to improving lives through its next generation gene editing technology, ARCUS. Precision’s approach is based on a proprietary synthetic enzyme, the ARC endonuclease, which features coordinated target site binding and DNA cutting to ensure precise editing outcomes. Uniquely small and monomeric, ARC nucleases are readily delivered to target sites throughout the genome and across cell types and tissues. The value of the ARCUS editing platform is enhanced by Precision’s extensive patent portfolio, established freedom to operate and deep collaborative relationships, positioning Precision to create products that solve significant problems in oncology, genetic disease, agriculture and beyond. Our team includes pioneers in genome engineering and a staff of experienced, committed Precisioneers. Working together in the vibrant innovation center of Durham, NC, we are excited to lead the next wave of medical and scientific possibilities through continuous gene editing innovation. www.precisionbiosciences.com

ReNeuron is a leading, clinical-stage cell therapy development company. Based in the UK, ReNeuron has therapeutic candidates in clinical development for disability as a result of stroke and for the blindness-causing disease, retinitis pigmentosa. ReNeuron is also advancing its proprietary exosome technology platform as a potential delivery system for drugs that would otherwise be unable to reach their site of action. ReNeuron’s shares are traded on the London AIM market under the symbol RENE.L. www.reneuron.com

Vineti builds 21st century technology to drive the production and delivery of 21st century medicine. The company combines leading software expertise with deep, first-hand industry experience in commercializing personalized medicines to develop a cloud-based platform that ensures quality, scale, security, efficiency, traceability and safety. The Vineti platform provides actionable insights to continually optimize the cell and gene therapy process, accelerating time to revenue and decreasing costs. Caregivers and pharmaceutical pioneers are empowered to help more patients more effectively and safely, treatments are better understood and improved over time and most importantly, there’s an opportunity to provide greater health outcomes – and cures – to patients in need. Vineti was co-founded by GE and the Mayo Clinic and is based in San Francisco, CA. www.vineti.com

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ASEBIO is the Spanish Bioindustry Association. ASEBIO brings together companies, associations, foundations, universities, research and technology centers that carry out activities directly or indirectly related to biotechnology in Spain. Since 1999, ASEBIO has been acting as a meeting and promotion platform for those organizations interested in stimulating the national biotechnology scene. In order to do this, ASEBIO works closely with regional, national, and European governments as well as all the social organizations interested in using biotechnology to improve quality of life, the environment, and generating skilled employment. www.asebio.com/en

Biocat is the organization that champions the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem in Catalonia working to transform science and technology into regional economic growth as well as social impact. Biocat focuses its strategy on different key points: raising awareness and promoting the ecosystem; providing innovative training and developing talent; and accelerating technology transfer and business growth. www.biocat.cat/en

BioPartner UK is the accredited trade organisation that provides practical support and international promotion to UK Life Sciences companies, who wish to grow their business overseas. BioPartner signposts to UK expertise and leads delegations to promote the UK presence at major international biopharma conferences. By operating in partnership with the UK government and event organisers, BioPartner assists all UK companies with access to government grants and heavily discounted entry fees. Members of the BioPartner Programme receive extra benefits and support to effectively trade overseas. www.biopartner.co.uk

Consilium Strategic Communications is a global leader in strategic healthcare communications and investor relations advisory with offices in Europe and across the U.S. Consilium’s highly-skilled team provides strategic, long-term advice to healthcare companies, Boards, senior decision makers, and executives on critical communications and IR programmes and stakeholder challenges. The company has established deep knowledge across all areas of the global healthcare sector through broad experience in representing international clients spanning the Fortune 500, FTSE100, FTSEurofirst 300, and FTSE250, through to discrete specialist reputation management projects. www.consilium-comms.com

Edison is an investment research, investor relations, and consulting firm with offices in North America, Europe, and AsiaPac. The heart of Edison is our world-renowned equity research platform and deep multi-sector expertise. At Edison Investment Research, our research is widely read by international investors, advisors, and stakeholders. Edison Advisors leverages our core research platform to provide differentiated services including investor relations and strategic consulting. www.edisongroup.com

The FreeMind Group is the premier international consulting firm specializing in assisting life science organizations to secure non-dilutive funding from U.S. federal agencies and private foundations. Founded in 1999, The FreeMind Group is the largest consulting group of its kind and works with a variety of life sciences organizations, from small startups to large pharmaceutical companies. FreeMind’s proven long-term strategic approach has garnered its clients over $1.5 billion to date in non-dilutive funding. The FreeMind team combines their extraordinary scientific understanding, innovative business and financial expertise and creative writing and presentation skills to cater to the specific and unique needs of academic and research institutions as well as the life science industry. www.freemindconsultants.com

Gene Therapy Net is the information resource for basic and clinical research in gene therapy, and the site serves as a network in the exchange of gene therapy information and breaking news items. Visitors can keep track of the latest scientific papers, conference announcements, gene therapy jobs, regulations, and guidelines. www.genetherapynet.com

Instinctif Partners is an international business communications consultancy with a dedicated life sciences team that includes a sector-focused design offering. We deliver creative and effective communications programmes focused on enhancing the value proposition for companies seeking investment, partnerships, or customers. With expertise across channels including corporate, financial, healthcare, and marketing communications, we craft and execute programmes to the media, industry, professional, public, financial, and investment communities. Our clients range from start-ups to multi-nationals. All have a common goal to make a difference, whether that’s in biotech, pharma, medical devices, diagnostics, digital health, or through enabling technologies and services. We aim to make a difference through the strategic counsel and communications services we offer.

Informa Pharma Intelligence delivers the data and insights needed by the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry to make decisions and create real-world opportunities for growth. Its market leading products cover every perspective of key diseases, clinical trials, drug approvals, or R&D projects and are supported by the breadth and depth of its data and insights. www.pharmaintelligence.informa.com

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