Imen Mestiri, Ph.D., Business Development Officer 

April 13 | 12:15pm | BioCentriq Ballroom 

Évry, France


Genethon has been pioneering gene therapy for 30 years. Genethon’s teams have originated multiple gene therapy successes that are now bringing tremendous benefits for patients. Dedicated to tackling rare diseases, Genethon has accumulated world-class expertise in the identification of gene targets, product design, and manufacturing as well as preclinical and clinical development of gene therapies. With 200+ scientists and professionals, Genethon is pursuing its mission to bring life-changing therapies to patients suffering from rare genetic diseases and eradicate these pathologies. Genethon is a not-for-profit organization, created in 1990 by the French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM-Telethon).

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