Petter Bjorquist, Ph.D., CEO

April 9 | 3:00pm | Salone dei Cavalieri, Section 2

Gothenburg, Sweden


VERIGRAFT AB is a Swedish biotechnology company run by experienced entrepreneurs and mastering a unique, breakthrough technology in the field of advanced therapies and regenerative medicine. We make transplantation possible without the severe risks of immunosuppression, and develop advanced therapies and tissue engineered products that will be able to help millions of patients with serious diseases. Our first product, the Personalized Tissue Engineered Vein (P-TEV) is a human vein segment graft for use in transplantation to replace a defective or missing part of a patient’s vein. A P-TEV with functioning valves is implanted to replace a non-functioning venous valve in the femoral vein of a patient suffering from severe chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). The first-in-man clinical trial is ongoing, and results are very positive. These patients do not receive any curative treatment today.

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