Accelerated Biosciences

Yuta Lee, CEO

Carlsbad, CA


Virtual Presentation

Accelerated Biosciences is a regenerative medicine company. We are sourcing the highest quality immune-privileged human Trophoblast Stem Cells (hTSC) with no socio-ethical controversy. We are focused on supplying well-characterized cell types from its primary hTSC source. hTS cells are pluripotent, immune-privileged, ethically derived, virus and pathogen-free, easy to manufacture, genetically stable, and GTP compliant. We have optimized expansion to 85+ population doublings and have 40 issued patents worldwide with seven patent families in process. Accelerated Biosciences has differentiated these stem cells into iPSC, NK, neuronal, pancreatic, and hepatic cells. We are available for partnering and licensing opportunities.

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