Allarta Life Science

Harald Stover, Founder and CEO, Allarta Life Science Inc., Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, McMaster University

April 10 | 11:15am | Salone dei Cavalieri, Section 2

Hamilton, Canada


Allarta is a pre-clinical company developing cell therapeutics for people with chronic endocrine disorders, combining 30+ years foundational polymer science with next-gentherapeutic cells. Allarta’s hydrogels are shape-agnostic, high surface area constructs that offer durable immune-privileged encapsulation of therapeutic cells. They are manufactured using commercially available 3D printers and enable minimally invasive delivery. Our robust hydrogels show visible blood vessels early post-implant and have high integrity and retrievability one-year post-implant. Allarta’s hydrogels are compatible with genetically modified stem cells, including suicide gene technologies, offering high cell containment and minimal fibrosis up to 95 days post-implant. For our lead indication, Type I Diabetes, our hydrogels show rapid and sustained blood glucose control in immunocompetent rodents using donor islet xenografts without immunosuppression, and human C-peptide expression in large animals. We currently aim for extended rat and large animal studies, and clinical translation, both with donor-derived and stem cell-derived islets.

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