C3i Center

Louisa Petropoulos, Ph.D., CEO

April 11 | 11:45am | Salone dei Cavalieri, Section 2

Montreal, Canada


C3i is a global full-service CDMO manufacturing from process development to phase 3 in EU, US and Canada with commercial manufacturing launch in 2024 without the need to tech transfer to a 2nd facility. C3i offers a unique model offering shared risk with innovative companies to help them advance through funding gaps. This unites the company and C3i with a common goal ensuring success.

  • Strong process development team with diverse experience in cell manufacturing including CAR-T, TcR, B-cell, NK, MSC, IPSC, and allogeneic.
    • viral & non-viral transduction
    • CRISPR editing
  • Strong scale-up and scale-out ability for commercial manufacturing
  • High production success rate of ~99%
  • Validated Qc testing in-house
  • CAP-accredited immune monitoring and diagnostic testing services
  • CRO services specializing in cell therapy clinical trials
  • Attractive COGS (>25% cheaper than other US/EU CDMOs)
  • Partnership with leading research hospital and access to KOLs for protocol development, clinical trial launch, and DSMB review.
  • C3i and company work as a team while keeping the patient in mind.


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