Laverock Therapeutics

David Venables, Ph.D., CEO

April 9 | 4:15pm | Salone dei Cavalieri, Section 2

London, UK


Laverock Therapeutics is developing the next generation of programmable cell therapies though our novel miRNA platform (GEiGS). Gene Editing induced Gene Silencing (GEiGS) utilizes the cells own profiles of endogenous miRNA and redirects specified, recoded miRNAs to knock down novel target genes of choice, generating silencing in a stable, consistent, tuneable and context-specific manner. Cells can be programmed to induce gene silencing in response to defined contexts, such as the stage of cell development, its’ activation, or in response to in vivo disease related environmental cues. Laverock is developing the technology to control  the polarisation of programmed macrophages and the prevention of exhaustion and enhance persistence of (CAR)-T cells targeting the solid tumour micro-environment, plus the design of conditionally hypoimmune stem cell-derived islets for the T1D regenerative medicine application.

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