Daniel Shelly, Ph.D., Chief Business Development Officer

April 11 | 3:45pm | Salone dei Cavalieri, Section 2

Gdansk, Poland


PolTREG S.A. is a clinical-stage European biotechnology company developing T-regulatory cell (Tregs) therapies for autoimmune diseases including Type-1 Diabetes (T1D), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and AMS. PolTREG has completed four clinical trials with more than 100 patients treated with Tregs. PTG-007 autologous treatment for early-onset T1D is ready for Phase 2/3 clinical trial, after a Phase 2 trial showed half of patients in clinical remission 24 months into the study. The company will launch a Phase 2 clinical trial for PTG-007 presymptomatic T1D in the second half of 2024. In MS, the company will launch Phase 2 trials for PTG-007 in the second half of 2024 for RRMS and PPMS. PolTREG is also developing engineered Tregs, including CAR-Tregs, antigen-specific Tregs and TCR-Tregs, all of which are in the preclinical stage. PolTREG has completed construction on one of the largest, state of the art, cGMP manufacturing facilities in Europe.


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