Satellite Biosciences

Tom Lowery, Ph.D., President and Chief Technology Officer

April 10 | 4:15pm | Salone dei Cavalieri, Section 2

Watertown, MA,


Satellite Bio is a well-funded preclinical regenerative medicine company with cutting-edge hepatocyte technologies designed to tackle a broad range of liver diseases. Our platform encompasses a proprietary primary hepatocyte expansion technology that allows the dosing of over 1000 patients from a single donor liver. Additionally, we specialize in stabilizing hepatocytes in heterocellular aggregates, enabling cryopreservation for long-term stability and shipment, and significantly improved in vivo engraftment and durability. Moreover, our expertise also extends to the generation of engineered hepatocytes optimized for the endogenous expression of therapeutic proteins. This presentation will offer an overview of Satellite Bio’s technology and manufacturing process.

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