Vivet Therapeutics

Jean -Philippe Combal, Ph.D., CEO and Co-Founder

April 9 | 10:00am | Salone dei Cavalieri, Section 2

Paris, France


Vivet Therapeutics is a clinical-stage emerging biotechnology company developing novel gene therapy treatments for rare, inherited liver metabolic diseases. Vivet is building a diversified gene therapy pipeline based on novel rAAV technologies. Vivet’s lead program, VTX-801, is currently under clinical development (GATEWAY) with first key results expected in 2024. VTX-801 is a novel investigational gene therapy for Wilson Disease, a rare genetic disorder caused by mutations in the gene encoding the ATP7B protein, which reduces the ability of the liver and other tissues to regulate copper levels, causing severe hepatic damage, neurologic symptoms and potentially death. Vivet’s additional gene therapy products at non clinical stage are focusing on orphan & ultraorphan indications as VTX-803 for PFIC3, Cerebro-Tendinous Xanthomatosis, PKU and liver fibrosis. Vivet is also working on technological platforms addressing key challenges of gene therapy, including sustained therapeutic gene expression in young patients, adults and ability to treat Nabs positive patients with VTX-PID as clinical stage program.

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